CleanTech Challenge 2017

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star pegasus

pro in marketing or business skills for round two team formation


At Charged we match electric vehicles with charging infrastructure.
Always on the lookout for highly motivated individuals interested in EV's and the EV ecosystem.


A revolutionary approach to monitoring energy use and ecological impact. Following in the success of other “tracking” applications in the fitness and health industries – Joro Provides a holistic platform for users to seamlessly track and monitor their personal energy consumption in real time across home, transportation, and consumer purchases

We convert electricity into methane using microbial power-to-gas.

The Blue Tap Collective

We are already a team of 5, four undergraduates and one PhD student

Omkar Bhandakkar | View Profile

I am master's student of Energy Engineering at University of Massachusetts, Lowell. I can contribute technical skills and research work which can be helpful for any innovation.

Maheemal K.B. | View Profile

BEng - First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics
MSc - Systems Engineering management

fluent in 3D CAD modelling
3+ years of mechanical design industry experience
1+ year experience in standards compliance + testing

on a side note, I get along with people well and have a friendly personality

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A global entrepreneurship competition for graduate students with clean-technology business ideas organised by the London Business School and University College London